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Computational Casting

The research activities in numerical simulation of casting processes can be divided into the following areas:

  • Numerical Simulations with Commercial Software:

    With the use of the commercial software tools calcosoft-2D and comsol solutions to thermal problems and to solidification problems in casting are sought. In a current project a comprehensive numerical model of a continuous caster is compiled which should assist the answering of metallurgical questions in the future.

  • In-House Metallurgical Software Development:

    In order to maximise the availability of solidification models and to ensure their possible use in industrial practise, efficient algorithms are coupled in one- or two-dimensional solidification models of continuous casting. By additionally implementing specific characteristics of selected casters, customised tools for process optimisation are provided.

  • Experimental Determination of Boundary Conditions:

    The validity of numerical models is substantially influenced by the quality of the used boundary conditions. Since their determination is especially complex in the secondary cooling zone of continuous casters, a test stand allowing an enhanced measurement of boundary conditions in this cooling zone, is currently being installed.