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New Casting Processes for New Steel Grades

The development of new casting processes, the process-focused material design and the material-based process inventions can be grouped into the following sections:

  • Thin Slab Casting and Rolling with the ESP-Process:
    The thin slab casting and rolling of hot strip is state of the art. The aim of a cooperation with Siemens-VAI Metals Technologies is to characterise the microstructure and the precipitation state of thin slabs after the casting process to order to gain input parameters for the hot rolling process.
  • Influence of Rapid Solidification on Material Properties and Adjustment of Chemical Composition to Attain Specific Properties:
    In contrast to conventional processes for producing hot strip where the rolling process is a key issue, solidification and cooling primarily determine the material properties in processes with rapid solidification. Thus, the well known mechanisms can only be used on a limited scale. Research in this field focuses around the adjustment of chemical composition and of solidification and cooling conditions by experimental analysis.
  • Welding of High-Strength Steels:
    Welding high-strength steels generally requires an exact adjustment of filler and base material and of welding technology to adjust optimal joints. Research in this topic is a cooperation with Böhler Welding.