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Research Area Inclusion Metallurgy

Welcome at the homepage of the research group Inclusion Metallurgy at the Chair of Ferrous Metallurgy.

The primary focus of this research group are divers questions concerning the cleanness of steels using different experimental and analytical methods as well as thermodynamic and kinetic calculations.

The cleanness of steels is an essential quality criterion for a wide variety of special steel applications. Non-metallic inclusions can initiate cracks or other material defects and can therefore be very harmful for material properties.

Due to the continuously increasing requirements on special steels, a reliable characterisation of the cleanness level is indispensable.

Furthermore, through a detailed analysis of inclusions over the process chain a better understanding of proceeding reactions can be gained. Based on this information, important indications regarding furhter process optimization are obtained.


Research Associates & PhD students


Current research projects

  • Si-deoxidation of selected steel grades
  • Significance of steel cleanness for the chipping of steels
  • Effect of microscopic inclusions on the clogging phenomenon

Completed research projects

  • Improvement of OES/PDA and correlation with automated SEM/EDS analysis
  • In-situ observation of metallurgical processes by means of high-temperature Laser Scanning Confocal Microsopy

Recent Publications

Current Master Theses

Current Bachelor theses