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SteelChallenge13 / review steelChallenge12

Every year “steeluniversity.org”, an initiative of the World Steel Association, organizes the worldwide competition “steelChallenge”. At this 24-hour event a special module of online steelmaking simulations is activated. Winners of the Continental Championships are allowed to participate at the World Championships in the presence of company leaders from the world steel industry.
The steelChallenge12 took place last semester with the task to produce a pre-defined steel grade at lowest cost using the secondary metallurgy module. Besides the official main prizes (trip to Mumbai, 500€ and iPad) Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH and the Chair of Ferrous Metallurgy arranged an internship for the student with the best result at Montanuniversitaet Leoben.

Stefan Riedl, currently studying Metallurgy in his third year, achieved the best result at our university and finally reached the top 10 of the Continental Championships. He took up his exciting internship last July within the Technology & Innovation Department Business Segment Casting & ESP “Endless-Strip-Production“ at Primetals Technologies. At Linz he dealt with the topic of selective high-temperature oxidation related to steel surface quality and adhesion in the galvanizing process. The highlight of Stefan’s work was a two-week business trip to Rhizao (China). At Rhizao Stefan analysed process data by using signal processing software. Based on measured data like temperature, rolling forces and energy consumption he quantitatively compared the process efficiency of different ESP plants. Frequent visits of the steel plant enabled him to get practical experiences and to develop a deeper understanding of the ESP process. The internship was also a unique opportunity to gain a preliminary insight into possible career options in the field of steelmaking. 


The next steelChallenge will take place 28 November 2018 from 12:00 UTC.

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